Chinook Hutterite Down Duvet

Cuddle Down

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The Chinook Hutterite Down Duvet is made of only the finest Canadian down, specially treated to maintain extra fill power for greater luxury. It is ozone treated (nature's way of cleaning), and hypoallergenic with anti-microbial treatment.

  • 500 Thread Count White Cotton Sateen Ticking
  • 100% Cotton Down Proof Shell
  • White Piping, Double Needle Top-Stitch
  • 700+ Loft Hutterite Down
  • 12" Square Baffle Box Construction
  • Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Made in Canada by Cuddle Down

The Canadian Hutterite Colonists are an old Christian group devoted to a simple agricultural lifestyle. They follow the basic teachings of the Bible, and live peacefully in self sustaining communities. Having emigrated from Europe many years ago, they brought the farming skills of generations with them. The down from this duvet is gathered from ducks on their farms.


SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT (Thermal Level: Medium)
Twin: 64"x89" - 18oz
Double: 80"x89" - 23oz
Queen: 88"x90" - 25oz
King: 104"x90" - 31oz
Jumbo Queen: 98"x100" - 35oz
Jumbo King: 114"x100" - 39oz

LIGHT WEIGHT (Thermal level: Warm)
Twin: 64"x89" - 22oz
Double: 80"x89" - 28oz
Queen: 88"x90" - 31oz
King: 104"x90" - 38oz
Jumbo Queen: 98"x100" - 40oz
Jumbo King: 114"x100" - 47oz

REGULAR WEIGHT (Thermal Level: High)
Twin: 64"x89" - 26oz
Double: 80"x89" - 33oz
Queen: 88"x90" - 36oz
King: 104"x90" - 43oz
Jumbo Queen: 98"x100" - 45oz
Jumbo King: 114"x100" - 53oz

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