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SnugSleep Alpaca Wool Duvets take full advantage of wool's natural properties to create an ideal sleeping environment for a healthy, comfortable, and restful sleep. A blend of New Zealand Alpaca and sheep's wools creates a super lightweight duvet that will keep you comfortable all year round.


100% Natural Cotton Percale Shell
50% Luxurious New Zealand Alpaca Fibres
50% Hi-Bulk Double-Carded New Zealand Wool Fill
Made in Canada


An alternative to SnugSleep's Wool Duvet, SnugSleep's Alpaca Wool Duvet combines silky, soft, and contouring Alpaca fibres with wool's proven therapeutic benefits and unique moisture control abilities to create a luxurious, lightweight duvet with unsurpassed comfort and warmth.

The Alpaca fibres are lighter and warmer than wool, creating the ultimate in a lightweight, health-conscious duvet.

This beautiful blend is put in a carefully selected percale cotton shell that is even lighter than the shell of SnugSleep's Wool Duvet, maximizing the natural contouring qualities of long alpaca fibres and ensuring that the duvet is as light as possible. A percale shell is very important for the duvet's cover as it is a low thread count, allowing maximum breathability. High thread count cottons or downproof cottons reduce wool's unique moisture controlling benefits, and tend to be stiff, leaving pockets of air around your body which interfere with proper insulation. SnugSleep's special cotton cover allows the duvet to naturally drape about your body, tucking you in!

This wool duvet is completed with a minimal quilting stitch pattern which allows the fill to retain maximum loft while preventing it from shifting. The final product is a lightweight duvet that is resilient, has many wonderful natural properties, and keeps each sleeper at a temperature that is "just right" for maximum sleeping comfort.

SnugSleep Alpaca wool duvets are available in two weights:

    Summerweight - perfect year-round for apartments, condos, and warmer sleepers and homes
    Regular Weight - perfect year-round for cooler homes, or sleepers who feel the cold more easily

The summerweight duvets have 20% less wool than the regular weight.

Twin: 64"x88"
Double: 78"x88"
Queen: 89"x90"
King: 106"x90"


Moisture Control
- The core of each wool fibre is very absorbent - up to 30% of its weight in moisture. By comparison cotton absorbs 8% and most synthetics as low as 2% - in fact wool is the most hydrophilic (able to absorb moisture) of all natural fibres.
- The wool fibre is unique in that it releases this moisture slowly through evaporation, helping the sleeper stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and eliminating dampness in the bedding.

Natural Flame Resistance
- Wool is made of keratin (an animal protein found in hair and nails ) and this, combined with the moisture content the wool has absorbed, requires a higher temperature to ignite than other natural and manmade fibres.
- When wool does burn it burns slowly, smoldering and charring. It does not support a flame, gives off very little heat, and course does not release harmful toxic chemical gases.

Natural Temperature Control
- As wool fibres release absorbed moisture heat is given off - in fact a single gram of wool gives off 27 calories of heat when it goes from wet to dry. This helps moderate the body's temperature, allowing it to keep each sleeper comfortable.

Naturally Non Allergenic
- The keratin in wool is the same protein as in nails and hair.
- Dust mites - a leading cause of allergies - prefer a damp, not dry location, and the scales which cover each wool fibre help further create an inhospitable environment.


Rest assured... its wool, it's SnugSleep

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